Multi-channel sales service

Provide digital transformation solutions for businesses such as sales management, administration business operations, CRM, …

The best product/solution in the field of Sales, Distribution, Retail and Supply Chain Management in 2021

Viettel Postek provides digital transformation solutions through omnichannel sales software and services

Giải pháp bán hàng đa kênh

01Giải pháp bán hàng đa kênh

  • Multi-channel sales solution
  • Multi-platform sales management: consolidated and synchronized sales across POS, website, social media, and e-commerce platforms.
  • E-commerce floor sales management: Manage multiple stalls, products, orders, shipping and centralized multi-platform conversations: Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Voso.
  • Manage sales of social networks: Manage multiple fanpages, support livestream to close orders, automatically hide comments containing phone numbers,…
  • Website sales management Professional SEO standard website design solution, compatible with many devices.
  • POS sales management: Support to connect many offline devices, easily calculate money, print invoices by bluetooth, manage inventory, customers and accounting.
  • AutoSale – Automated sales: Callbot AI solution replaces employees calling to confirm closing orders according to Livestream, internal data.
Giải pháp bán hàng đa kênh
Giải pháp chuyển đổi số

02Digital transformation solutions

  • Website design: Viettel Postek provides overall website design and implementation services, helping businesses promote their brands and attract potential domestic and international customers.
  • Software development: With a modern technology platform, superior features, and reasonable costs, the software will support customers to switch to a new way of sales and sales management more quickly and effectively, improve customer operations and business profits.


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